Monday, April 11, 2011

Manda's Reception

The Party of the Year (at least for us, and at least until Grace's baptism in November) was Manda & Tony's wedding reception. Manda, Abby, Libby, and I worked on stuff from October until 15 minutes before the party started! I was mainly in charge of ties, vests, centerpieces, and wedding cake.

Manda and Tony at the party. Our friends from Louisiana (that now live in Layton) were so fabulous to come down and do Manda's make-up and help the rest of us with our hair.

Our family shot with a little extra coolness from Cam! Now we just need a good 80's party so we can wear the ties and vests again!

Our whole Brossette family

Lib made the Groom's cake - we behaved and didn't make the U blue.

Grace taught Cam some dance moves.

The wedding cake. Lib baked and I decorated. Luckily, Lib transported it, too. I think I would've panicked on the way had it been in my car.

James & Miles dancing.

My friends,Easton, Michelle, and Laurie that came to the party. Laurie was accused of being Manda's mom once when Manda came to church with us. Easton was one of my preschool students that took a liking to Crazy Aunt Manda. And, Michelle is my friend but also Easton's mom & driver.

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