Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I did my prayers!

The boys use to keep track of their jobs and check them off when they're done. With the new school year, we're trying a couple of different things to see what works best. Today, we played first and we're doing jobs & homework now at 7PM.

Here's the eager Joshie in action:
7:00 Josh: the stairs are done. what's that little stair machine called?
Mom: the dustbuster?
Josh: yeah. I did that.

7:05 Mom: Hey! Why is your hair all wet?
Josh: I washed it a little when I brushed my teeth (one of his jobs)
Mom: You brushed your teeth before dinner?
Josh : yup

7:08 'k, mom. I did my prayers. I'm done with that job.

I love that I don't have to fight him...yet. He's so cute, too, when he's running from job to job. I wish they could always be so eager to please!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Jakey!

Ten years ago, I became a mom for the first time!
Ten years ago, I held tiny little 6lb. 14 oz. Jakey in my arms for the first time.
Ten years ago, I had no idea how this little boy would make me laugh and cry.
Ten years ago, I never pictured you as a Brown Belt in karate, a fifth grader, a Rock Star, a Rip Sticker, a Bakugan collector, a Bear scout, a big, big, big brother, or a 10 year old!

Time flies and I'm learning to look to the future a little more (if only to prepare myself) and I see you as a missionary, a Black Belt, an unsure-on-the-inside-confident-on-the-outside high schooler. I see you towering over me in the near future but always willing to give your momma a hug. And, I love you for all of it!

Happy Birthday!

Our Trip to San Fransisco

Jared had a convention in San Fran that they were sending him to and I decided I wanted to tag along. He didn't want me going around the city alone, so I brought Manda, my rough & tough sister. Manda & I got there on Sunday morning and started sight seeing. I think Jared got there Monday night sometime (I'm really fuzzy on the detail of his trip). Manda & I saw Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, China Town, Tiffany's, Pier 39, and some other stuff. I learned how to ride BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)and navigate San Fran by bus, metro, trolley, and by foot (ooh, my aching little flat feet!)

(make sure to roll over teh slideshow & click the speech bubble in the bottom left corner to see my witty comments!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Classic Skating

Jake & Cam pssed out nearly 300 preschool fliers for me Tuesday morning so we spent the afternoon at Classic Skating. For 3 hours, they skated, scootered, bounced, ate, and did it all over again!

All four of the boys on the mushroom bouncy. Jake read somewhere that 3 & under could go on the bouncies for free. I hope he was right because I never thought to double check it and Sam really had a great time!
Jake was actually pretty good on teh skates. It took a couple of loops around the rink to get used to them because they weren't quite like roller blades.
Cam got brave about an hour into our time there and decided he wanted to try some skates, too. We practiced on the carpet for a while before he took off on the rink floor. At one point, I saw him crawling around the carpeted area and it reminded me of when I learned how to skate. Do you remember how scary that was?!? (P.S. that barefoot baby in the background should not be out there on the floor, I'm amazed he didn't get taken out by a skater!)
Josh must of done 500 laps on his scooter! He only stopped for 3 bites of pizza the whole time we were there!
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The Wood Park

I'm trying to find fun things to do this week since it's the last full week before school starts. (And because I'm going out of town Sunday and won't be back until the day before school starts and I'm having some self-induced mom-guilt). Anyways, Monday we went to the Wood park a.k.a.the Discovery park in P.G. The boys love this place! We grabbed some $5 pizza on the way and it was honestly hard for them to choose between two such 'goods'. We could see their little minds whirling : pizza?play?pizza?play?pizza?play?
Cam & Johs on the little monkey bars. Cam could reach teh ground, but when Josh wanted to cross, he pulled his feet up so he could better show Josh how to do it.
Sam's favorite was the swings, as always. Well, that and chasing the dogs that were at the park!
Jake and Kaelen (my pseudo-son) spinning themselves until they were sick. Such smart boys!
The Grand Finale was Jared seriously making them all sick on teh tire swing! They all rode home on the verge of throwing up.
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Sometimes, it's so hard to wait for dinner

And, then, you get the evidence all over your face and there's no denying you were eating the cheese out of the bag! Dangit!
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Giraffe Toes

My friends, Mary & Kaylie are doing toes. I got mine done last night. They offer all kinds of paisleys, flowers, watermelons, laybugs, etc. I wanted paisleys at first, but then decided on giraffe toes.

P.S. no comments about my chubby toes - the camera adds 10 pounds!
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Cameron's Baptism

Cam was baptized last Saturday. I keep putting off posting because I want a picture of him in his new gray suit. The problem is he inherited my aversion to church clothes and he's in playclothes before I can ever grab the camera. Maybe this Sunday.

Anyways, his baptism was very sweet. The week leading up to the baptism, Cam was a little apprehensive about the water temperature, how long would dad hold him under, etc. But Saturday those fears were all overcome by his excitement! In the chapel, before he was baptized, Cam was so grown up as he shook hands with people that had come to celebrate with him. We had most of our family there. Our neighbors, the Hatches came and our Home Teacher Brother Ovard. Sister Ovard was there, also, and Cam as thrilled to see her being that she was one of his favorite Primary teachers.
As Cameron entered the baptismal font, he was shaking with excitement. I don't know if I've ever seen him with a bigger grin on his face. His excitement brought 'proud momma tears' to my eyes. On Sunday, Cam bore his testimony about how warm the water was, how it was a little scary, and how he knows the church is true. Jared was conducting Sacrament Meeting so he was also able to bear his testimony about the Power of the Priesthood. Jake and Josh bore their testimonies; Jake expressed how he felt the Spirit as Cam was baptised. I also was able to bear my testimony that I know this church is true. I know the priesthood has been restored to the earth and we are so blessed to have a worthy priesthood holder in our home. I know that our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ, live. I know they love us. I know that Cameron has completed the first ordinance necessary for him to return to live with our Heavenly Father and I am so proud of him!
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