Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh, What do you do in the Summertime?

Oh, What do you do in the Summertime when Aunt Manda goes to D.I. ?
She brings home a crimper and we do the boys' hair
Is that what you do? So do I!

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Hike to Battle Creek Falls

For Scouts today, we hiked to Battle Creek Falls. Actually, Sister Tunnell and her boys, Me and my boys, and Carson hiked to the Falls. We have 4 other boys in our den, but none of them could make it. The hike is only 1.6 miles round-trip, but, boy, was it steeper than I remember! The reward at the end makes it all worth it, though. The waterfall is beautiful! The boys played in the freezing water and ran through the water at the base of the falls. I played photographer so I could have a chance to sit and catch my breath!
My Cam, my Josh, Sis Tunnell, her Josh, her Jordan, her Gabriel, my Jake, and Carson!
My three boys on the bridge that crosses the river. Last time we went on this hike, you had to cross through the water.
Jake and Carson walking across the river to get to the other side of the falls.
Sis Tunnell and our boys on a huge rock we found on our way out of the canyon.
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you got a little kool-aid riiiiight there...

We had a picnic for Sunday Dinner. Sam loved his mashed potatoes, as usual, and discovered an unattended glass of red kool-aid. Yummers!

The boys really enjoyed relaxing on the hammock after dinner - just a peaceful Sunday afternoon, as always!
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cub Scout Fun

( I know this is an ugly collage, but there were so many pictures to post! The top and left sides are our toolboxes. The bottom right corner is our volcanoes.)
We've been trying to make Scouts a little more fun for our boys and I've really had fun myself.

A couple of weeks ago, we had out First Ever ScoutaPalooza! Oh, I can tell you're jealous already and you don't even know what we did! My partner's husband has tons of wood working tools and he taught us all about them. Then, he helped us build some awesome toolboxes! Thanks so much Brother Tunnell - you're time, patience, and talents are so appreciated! We also worked on knot tying and roasted some hot dogs and mallows for our outside cooking achievement. (Don't tell anyone, but we roasted over the grill because we've had so much rain that my backyard and my wood were all soaked).

Last week, we built our volcanoes. We were supposed to build them at ScoutaPalooza, but we ran out of time. The boys cut out their posterboard volcanoes and decorated them in the kitchen and seriously looked at me funny when I said we had to erupt them outside! Again, my partner, Sister Tunnell, was great and got right in there with the vinegar ( I think she had more fun than the boys!). We had the best time ever watching the vinegar/baking soda/ red food coloring mixture run down the road!
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Pony Rides at the Lehi Carnival

Gracie Grace
Katie Pants
Joshie Roo
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Lehi Carnival

This was the coolest ride ever - We're totally making one for the backyard! It was one of those pony exerciser things that they hook the ponies up to to walk them in circles. Istead of ponies, these guys hooked kiddie swings to it and mounted 2 big fans on top to power it. The kids loved it!
Josh and Grace loved decorating their magic wands in the art tent.

The kids really liked looking at the animals ( I guess their noses aren't as sensitive as mine:) ).

Josh didn't like the bunnies too much, but he really liked the turtles.
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Lehi Parade & Carnival

Cam caught this Adult XL shirt from the dentist float and he was determined to wear it! Do you think it makes his bum look big?
Jared is so great to always make sure Sam gets to have fun, too. Sam loved bouncing on teh jumpies. My sister has pics of Jared throwing Sam on them, maybe we'll share them on a later post.
Josh was racing Gracie through this jumpie (too bad Grace sisn't know!)
Sam had fun playing with his frisbee. He's kinda like having a puppy!
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The Boys in Manti

We made it to Manti just in time for the pageant. We haven't ever taken the boys ( I don't know why) but they really loved it. They got so excited when they recognized the stories from the Book of Mormon that were being played out. I loved when they would ask questions about what they were seeing. They liked the story about their pregnant mom slipping down the spiral stairs inside the temple after Sarah's wedding 10 years ago, too! We made it through a little bit of rain and survived the mosquitos and had a really fun time!
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Thursday, June 25, 2009


We're going to Manti to see the pageant tonight. To get the kids excited, we looked for info about Manti on Google. Here's what we found:
  • It is about 96 miles from Lehi
  • It will take us about 1 hour 45 minutes to drive there (if we obey the law)
  • There will be wars in the play
  • Manti is a weird turkish ravioli dish looks like this
What, Mom?

Oh, umm, let's scroll down. Ahhh, OK. Google image #19 under "Manti" looks like this
So, it really does look like a temple? Yes. It's a temple and it looks like a temple. But there's still gonna be wars, right? Yes. Will there be ravioli? Heck if I know!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pleasant Grove Carnival

It's not very often that we have our dad home on a Friday afternoon. So, since he came home from Girls' Camp at two today, we headed to the carnival so as not to waste this 'daylight' time with him. Jake's always loved the fast, high, upside down rides. Cam is more reserved, not so fond of the height and upsidedowness. Josh has always stayed on the baby rides.(Don't tell him I called them that!)
Well, today we all kicked it up a notch!

Josh on the Merry go Round. His horse was a little jerky hence the death grip around the pole.
Cam on the tame flying saucers - warming up for bigger and better
Sam at the park making the most of the rides he could handle. He'll never know what he missed if no one tells him...shhh! BTW, check out that face! I love it!
This ride was Cam's breakthrough. He was scared to death of it; even got on it once and back off before it started. He finally worked up the courage to do it and then I waited while rode it five (seriously) more times in a row. He said it was the best ride ever! After this one, he even rode the upside down loopy ride with jake. I think he really felt like he'd taken a giant step for Cam-kind today!
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That's Jake and Josh right in the middle - Jake has always loved wild rides, but I was surprised that Josh was raring to go on this one!
I love this picture of Cam and Josh riding their hogs together.
Jake coming down the really big slide
That little person on the far left that can't even see over the safety harness, yeah, that's my four year old!
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It was really hilarious to watch Cam and Josh on the Scrambler. Once it got going, Josh fell over into Cam's lap and we never saw him again until the ride ended!
Sam was thrilled that he got to ride one real ride!
Josh and Cam are in the first car - check out Joshie's mouth!
Jake getting ready to ride the Samurai - I told him we had to get a picture before he got throw-up all over himself.
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