Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My VT, Joanna, brought dinner for us tonight. A bag of Malt-O-Meal Fruity Dino-bytes. Ain't she the best!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Disclaimer for my dumb family

So the post below was to show the funny conversation between my visiting teacher and myself.

NOOO, I am not pregnant!
NOOO, Jared is not leaving (he never had it so good!),
and NOOO, we are not moving

It was sarcasm. I was being funny. Maybe my sisters should get to know me a little better!

Messing with my VT

So, one of my visiting teachers just had a baby and the other has been emailing me about coming to visit. Luckily, she's pretty funny? sarcastic?..mean? just like me! Here's our emails today:

Hey Kelly

So I sit by you for one minute in Sunday school and you take off, was I really that stinky? And don’t give me some excuse about having to chase a boy down because he would have been totally fine roaming the halls by himself.

Anyway would you have a time for a short visit on Thursday at around 10:30?



it wasn't that you stink, it was those noisy shoes! I can't handle
irreverence in the slightest degree!

I have preschool until 12 on Thursday (and 11 on Wednesday, none on
Friday). Is there another time that you can come...quietly?


Well that's good to know, next time I will wear my slippers to church, it
will be more comfortable and less noisy. In fact maybe I will just complete
the look and wear my pj's too, but I will be sure to let the whole ward know
that you made me do it.

Okay so the V.T. doesn't look like it will work out this month. My fault
for leaving it to the last minute. So here is my cop out visit, are you
doing okay is there anything I can do to help you out? If you want the
message then just read it.


Actually, it's fine that you can't come.
I just found out I'm pregnant (huge surprise!) and I've been so sick
that I can't stand the thought of cleaning the house so you can come!
I spend the day laying on the couch and puking my guts out and try to
make time to get the kids some cereal for dinner.
I think Jared's leaving us. He can't stand how messy the house gets
when I'm sick. And, he really hates eating cereal for 9 months!
We'll be moving soon, too. Since Jared is leaving, we can't make the
house payments anymore. (Not that we were really making them before).
But it's been great having you for a visiting teacher and I understand
if you can't make it this month.
I'll be sure to read the message on my own!


If you'd like the opportunity to visit me, just contact my RS President, Mary. I know you're all lining up for a chance and Joanna might just be quitting!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend!

So, if the weekend begins on Friday, technically 12:01 AM is the weekend. And, that's when our fun began!

Puma finally exploded, er, um, I mean gave birth. Even though we made her a cozy 'birthing center' in Jake's closet, she chose to have her babies in my closet under my clothes. I was up to 12 and nothing. Luckily, Jared had gone out to see the Jazz game that night and when he came home about 1 AM and heard the mewing. He helped her with the last one because she was struggling and then carefully moved them all to the right closet with a towel. In all, there were 8 kittens, but only 7 survived. My animal doctor friend says that's an amazing number of kittens for one litter, especially a first. I guess she's an overachiever!

Friday night we went out to dinner and a movie with some friends. We had such a great time laughing over dinner. We saw the 'Soloist' which is about a homeless man. I left feeling so grateful for the things we have. A home, food, clothes, a functioning mind and body. We are so blessed.

Saturday, I left everyone home and went to Salt Lake with my sisters to walk in the March of Dimes March for babies. I was amazed by the two little boys that went door to door in Provo collecting change and had raised over $1200! Our family team is trying to spread awareness about TTTS. It was 2 years ago today that my sister found our her twins had TTTS and due to knowledgeable doctors she has 2 super cute boys now. So many doctors don't know very much about TTTS and, therefore, their patients, the mothers, have very little hope. If you know someone that's having multiples, ask how many placents they have. It might seem strange, but if they know/find out, it could save their babies!

Saturday night we went out for our anniversary. I remember when we had been married for 2 or 3 years and people announced their 10 and 11 year anniversaries, I thought they were soooo old! Well, we've been married 11 years now! And, no, I'm not old (unless you ask my kids). We went to The Roof Restaurant that overlooks the Salt Lake Temple (where we were married). Jared talks about The Roof all the time so I was really shocked to find out he had never been there. It was amazing. The details in the carvings and the spires at the top of the temple go to the very tip top. We watched a bird sit on one of the spires of the temple and watch the people below. Jared's only regret was that he got so full on Prime Rib that he cold only eat three desserts!

Tonight, we got to go to the Eight is Great Program at church. Cam will be 8 in July so he'll be baptised in August. He was so excited to go to the program, he must've mentioned it 20 times between noon and 6 when we went. He can't wait to get baptized and go to Scouts. I'm excited he's getting baptized in August because he'll be old enough to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication later that month.

So it's been busy and I'm tired, but I'd love it if every weekend was just like this!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

When I'm not watching...

Sometimes, when I'm not watching, my boys get along with each other! No Kidding!I found this today while I was cleaning up. It made my heart smile when I remembered last night the two boys were working on something while I bustled around making dinner.
Josh drew the picture and wrote his name at the top. Cam wrote, " Josh and Cam playing together" in the middle and also labeled the people that Josh drew on the bottom.

P.S. Don't you just love 4 year old stick people? :)
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

this is the second half - scroll down and read the 2nd post first

Joshie had a blast bowling - he jumped and cheered every time he bowled. Just goes to show attitude is more important than winning!

We went to the park after bowling. There was still a little snow on the ground, but it didn't stop us. I think this is the first time Sam has been in a big swing. He couldn't get enough of it!
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The Party's Over :(

We had such a blast over Spring Break. I actually had a fun time with all of the kids while they were home. We weren't able to go out of town like so many of their friends, so we tried to do something fun everyday.
On Monday, we went to see Monsters vs. Aliens at the real theater. You laugh, but this is really a treat for our kids. They normally don't see a movie until it's at the dollar show or Redbox. They had been begging to see this one so it was our fun thing for Monday.
On Tuesday, we stole Kathryn's idea and went to the museums at BYU. The kids loved the Bean Museum. Cam took lots of pictures for our blog. We didn't last so long in the Museum of Art. I guess we're not cultured enough to appreciate it! After the museums, we went to the Creamery and had really expensive ice cream. Jake was really excited about BYU and kept asking me questions about the 'olden days' when I went to school there.

Cam's favorite animal is the giraffe so, of course, we got a good shot of him.
The Hippo really needed some dental work. You'd think with all the tuition and stuff, they could help the guy out!

On Wednesday, we stuck around the house and worked on our basement. I thought they'd hate it, but they had the best time finding books and toys they had forgotten they had! Plus, anyone that helped clean up got $5 pizza from Little Caesar's!

Thursday was a bit of a disappointment. We went on a scavenger hunt at WalMart. I made a list of things to find (something that swims, something funny, something your favorite color, etc). We took pictures, but it would have been more fun if I would have let us split up and race. I wasn't quite up for that! I realized they were getting to me when I was the one to point out the WM worker straddling the apple juice spill so no one slipped. You can only imagine what it looked like to 4 little boys and a deranged mom!

Friday was the best because dad took off work! He took us to Golden Corral for lunch which doesn't do it for most of us, but think what it means to little oys when they hear they can eat as much of whatever they want! Afterwards, we went bowling in Provo and showed the boys where Jared and I met. We finished the afternoon at the park.

I think the kids had a fun week. I can honestly say I was sad to drop them off at school on Monday. That is until I got back home and took a good look at the devastation that was waiting for me!
Cam with his matching shirt/bowling ball combo

Jake (who is looking WAY too grown up here for my liking)
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Proximity doesn't prove guilt!

Things happen when Sam is around. That's not to say he does so-called things, I'm just stating the fact that they happen.
This one is called "Wow! Someone made a mess! I better go tell Mom so she can take care of it. Darn brothers!"
And we've labeled this one " Watching the Flour Fly" although that's not meaning to be accusatory, either.
And this is simply "Aftermath".

Like I said, things happen when Sam's around. But, then again, things happen when he's not around, too. So who knows?
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What the Heck in the World?!?

Tuesday's Picture
Today's picture
As my niece, Gracie, would say,"What the heck in the World?!?"
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Super Cute Aprons

After promptings from the 3 other sisters, my youngest sister has started an Etsy shop. She makes super cute reversible aprons - check it out!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I looked everywhere for ties for my boys for Easter. Since someone thinks $20 for a 18 inch tie is reasonable, I decided to make our ties this year. At the last minute (like, Saturday at 9:30 PM) we decided to make one for Jared, too. Aren't they soooo cute!

This is an Easter collage of our day. There's our ties, dying eggs, Jeremy (niece Natalie's husb) & Sam, Jake & cam looking for their baskets, Sam dripping sticky, sweetart chick goo down his chest, egg hunt pics from Earlet's, a pic of Natalie that Cam took - she's glowing!, and the East Egg Roulette.
(double click it to see the details)

On the way to school Friday, the DJs were doing an Easter egg roulette on the radio. The guy had to smash eggs into his head until he found the one boiled egg in the bunch. The boys and I decided to try it (although my job was just to boil eggs!) The right picture is Cam and the left is Jake. I gave them each 5 eggs - 4 raw, 1 boiled. Cam found his boiled egg on turn #2; it took Jake 5 eggs to find his!
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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Isn't this what you do with your Easter basket? Nevermind that, look at how cute our Sammer is!
Sammm, we're trying to read scriptures! Cut it out!
Really, Sam. No one is even listening anymore. Stripling warriors Stripling schmorriors!
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Why don't I get anything done?

I was trying to make cookie dough, like any good mom, so the boys could decorate Easter cookies for their teachers for Friday. In the time it took me to take the dough to the fridge, Sammers pulled this box of cereal out of the trach and emptied it on the floor.
While I thought about cleaning that up, he opened the baking cabinet and got into the corn meal.
At this point, the neighbor kid came in tattling about my oldest angel so I headed across the street to make amends. Sam threw up the handful of cornmeal on their kitchen floor instead of theirs. One less mess for me. And, no, I didn't get a picture of that one!
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April Fool's Day

These were our delicious cookies mom made and left out on the counter for April Fool's. The boys love Oreos and I love my boys. I love them so much that I helped them multi-task by replacing the creme with toothpaste so they could eat and brush their teeth at the same time! Their response? "Those cookies ou made sure were minty, Mom!"
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