Thursday, November 11, 2010

Do you think Jared would go for Bunk Beds?

I've been thinking about bunk beds. It may be the way to go with Sam & Josh. "Hey!", I thought, "We (mostly Jared) can make that." So, I started looking for plans/tutorials.
I found this :

I want this one for my room. We could put a king size mattress in there, right? And the top bunk could be for scrapbooking and sewing!

There are a lot of castles, but a few of the non-castle beds included this space shuttle.

I'm guessing these kids have pretty big bedrooms to fit bunk beds, a slide and a staircase. I think my kids would sleep outside if they had to if they could get a bed like this!

You should go check the site out. It's called Tanglewood Design. They have other furniture and cabinets on their site, too. But, really, who cares about that stuff?!?
A friend posted about a giveaway on a friend's blog today. She's giving away 4th row Jazz tickets!! The blog is called Pedaling Fast & Trying to Keep Up. The things I've read so far are really interesting and FREE Jazz tickets could never hurt!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Star is Born!

Tonight was Opening Night for Cam's play. He has been practicing at the Lehi Council of Arts since mid-September to be part of Dear Edwina Junior. The play is about a girl, Edwina, who gives advice to children that write letters to her stating their problems.
Cam plays Lars, a boy that falls and breaks his ankle in the first few minutes. Later, he does the ad libbing for the Frankenguest song. He also played the 'steel drums' for a song and sang back-up as a pig.

Cam's friend, Lexi, offers to help his broken ankle due to the fact that she's earned her First Aid badge. When he refuses, Lexi tells him she knows CPR and Cam screams! He loved that part!
Here he is playing the steel drum/metal pail during a song dealing with one boy's problem.

The boys got to wear pig noses and sing back-up during a song that answered a letter about how to save money.
After the show, we gave Cam a fun treat of chocolate and Mighty Beanz.

Cam really had a great time tonight. When we were leaving, I told him how great it was and he responded with, "Well, we worked REALLY hard!".
If you want to go, it's fun for the kids and only an hour long so it didn't lose the younger one's attention. The show started tonight and runs at 7PM every night through Saturday in teh building next to Lehi Elementary.

This is the Frankenguest song. It's the answer to a letter written to Edwina asking what to do about a party guest with very bad manners.
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I won't forget, Shelby!

Do you love this movie like I do?
Do you remember this scene?

Remember how she cooked the turkey and he was so excited and drool-y and then the neighbor's dogs ran in and ate it?

Shelby thought it would be fun to re-enact it for me today.
I cooked a roast with cumin and chilies all day. We had it for dinner and the boys were excited and drool-y.
Especially my biggest boy. He likes his roasts.
Then, clean-up time came and there was enough for tomorrow's dinner.
More excitement!
Until Shelby hopped up on the island and finished it off.
All of it.
I don't like her.
I really don't.
Not at all.
Can you say Sausage Factory?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sam's Halloween Goods

Since this is the first Halloween that Sam actually knew what was going on, we had to get a picture of his candy. He made it all teh way down our street and around the corner a couple of houses before calling it quits. He couldn't have been happier with all of his candy.
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