Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So, uh, our FHE lesson was about family togetherness, or how 'bout getting along and taking turns? Hopefully Heavenly Father will go a little lax on us since this was the last FHE of the year. We went bowling last night and never had to leave the house or wear icky shoes! There wasn't really a verbal lesson, per say, but I think the object lesson was clear when Big Rhonda (me) beat everyone and did a fabulous torso roll for everyone!
I love Josh's form!
Cam's happy dance
Jake's technique includes holding this pose until his score appears
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we got the Wii!!!!

These were the smiles and giggles I had been hoping for for a month! Even Cam was excited but I wonder if his was because it was still on the premises...

And like any goofy goober family, we took a family photo with our new Wii as if it was a puppy or a new baby, or something...
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ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump

Jake got his RipStick from Santa, too. He's been asking for one of these since his birthday (when I made the bad, bad choice of the cat instead). He's really good on it - that kid has some balance skills and they didn't come from me! I'd kill myself on that thing! He rode it all day Christmas Day, and the next, and the next! Yes, it was a blizzard out side - he rode from the front door, to the kitchen, around the island, back to the front door. ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump
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Gifts from Santa

Cam stumbled into our room first at about 6:40. Sam was up next because he doesn't believe in sleeping past seven - ever! Jake and Josh weren't much longer and we were downstairs by 7:15. I love watching the kids as they try to take it in and decide which thing to go to first. I also love our 3 gifts from Santa rule because it gives them enough to look at without getting too overwhelmed. We don't need anyone's head spinning off that early in the morning!

Sam loves his walker toy; I think he'll be able to walk by his self by his birthday next month!
Cam and Jeremy Giraffe - the little animal can hold up to 150 lbs so he can grow with Cam (our giraffe freak!)
Joshie was so excited about Santa - here he is with his Gorilla Mountain, pixter game, and Hot Wheels behind him

The balls in this toy spin around and around and Sammers loves trying to catch them!
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Foiled Again! (read the post below first or this won't make any sense!)

Every time I have a really good idea, someone has to go and be honest! I swear, these kids won't let me have any fun!
Cam came in this morning crying (real tears) to tell us he had looked in a box to see if there were any more of those air paks that Amazon uses to pack gifts. He pulled some out of a box and saw a white box that said "Wii" on it. He ran away from the box at that point.
So, he's been sworn to secrecy and he's my more compassionate one, so I think he understood my pleading and begging for his silence and will honor it. We'll see. We do have 12 more awake hours before Christmas...
What do you do when you suspect you have

My oldest has decided he knows the truth about SC so I've let him in on a few of the stocking stuffer things. But, yesterday, I asked jared to get the things off the top shelf in the garage for me so I could wrap them and he took all the things from the shelf in our closet down, too. Our closet was all the SC stuff conveniently hidden in amazon.com boxes. I couldn't get the boxes back up on the shelves without catching a few with my nose, so I left them on the floor, sorted dirty laundry as a guard tower, and shut the door.
Last night when we were getting ready for bed, one of the boxes had his flaps open. It was the Wii, This is a big deal because we've always been anti when it comes to gaming systems. The boys don't even ask anymore. This was gonna be biggie biggie big big! As I laid in bed, I replayed a conversation I overheard while the boys were in the shower:

C: Ya know what I really want for Christmas? A Wii!
J: you know mom and dad won't get us one and they'll tell Santa not to get us one.

I was excited! They're gonna be so flabbergasted when then see it! (or, so I thought!)
Later in the day, another conversation while we were in the car that ended with:

C: I know if we look at our presents before Christmas Mom will take them back. Right, mom?
Me: right!

So, I have a plan. I just can't take it back, I know I'm a wuss. But, I am gonna teach then a little lesson. I know, they won't get it, but it'll make me feel better. *Flashback* When we were little, we always went outside to see if the reindeers had eaten their carrots we left for them. One year, we went outside and there was a big bean bag toss tic-tac-toe game behind my dad's truck. "Wow! That must've fallen out of Santa's sleigh for ya'll" my dad explained.
So, my plan is to leave the Wii on the porch with a little note about 'almost forgetting...in a hurry...love,Santa".
That way, they'll still get it, but not before a little panicking that I took it back. Stinkin' little rats! I'll learn ya! I mean, what are they going to do when it's not in the Family Room in the morning? Ask where's the Wii we snooped in your closet? No way! I can't wait - It's gonna be the best Christmas morning EVER! Point for mom!

Mwah hah hah hah!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

DCFS is on their way!

So, I lost Josh again yesterday. I know, I can hear you groaning! Again? Yes, again.
The boys + some friends had been playing hide and seek which had turned into run crazy through the house playing tag around 4:30 yesterday. I was the party pooper that ended the game, which left Jake and Kaelen outside to play, Cam at the computer, and me in the scrapbook room trying to make a Christmas present. Josh had asked to go to a friends' house, but I said no. I figured he went to the basement to play.
Cam had a birthday party to go to at 5:30. At 5 I started to load everyone into the car. I called for Josh and got no answer. His doggy boots were missing so I figured the little stinker went to his friends' house anyways. The rest of the boys and I drove down the street and knocked at all three friends' doors. No Josh. "Hey, mom? I don't think he ever came out of his hiding place when we were playing hide and seek".
So, we go back up to the house. I was expecting to see him standing on the porch with a huge grin, the little stinker has hiding stamina like no other 4 year old I know! He's really very patient when it comes to staying hidden and fake sleeping when he's in the car. Anyways, Jake, Cam, and I go inside and start calling for him again. The thought came to me that he must have fallen asleep in his hiding place. So now, we need to find a sleeping child that's hidden - Great! Then, the thought came to me to check my closet. Sure enough, he was hidden under my clothes hanging in my closet fast asleep!
I swear, I'm going to get one of those microchip implants for that kid so I can track him down anytime, anywhere!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scare of a Lifetime (yes, another one)

Josh and Sam both fell asleep in Sacrament Meeting today and I wasn't feeling so great so I brought them home. Josh woke up soon after our arrival home and decided he wanted to see Dad. After arguing with my 4 year old that we weren't going back to church, I finally told him he'd have to walk if he wanted to go because I wasn't driving back up there.

So, this is all really my fault for putting the idea in his little head.

I heard the front door open and shut. Fine. Go outside. Get cold - it's only 29* out there. You'll be back. (By the way, yes, I do know where he gets his stubborness from!) I waited a couple of minutes and then Sam and I went out on the front porch to check on him. He wasn't there. I called his name. I looked in the backyard. Not there. I called some more. I looked all inside both cars being that that's a favorite place to hide lately. Nope. I took Sam back inside and grabbed the keys just in case. I drove to the next street. Nothing. He was still wearing this bright red Christmas sweater so if he had really left, I'd surely be able to see him.
I came back in the house and called for him some more, a little panicky now. I let him know this wasn't funny anymore. I went back out to the garage and announced that Momma was scared , it was time to come out. I started with the prayers and self evaluations for good/bad feelings. I came back in to grab Sam and the keys again. I noticed Jared's phone on the counter and realized that I don't even know the number at the church to get in touch with Jared! I drove around the block again as the scary thoughts started popping in to my head at this point. He's barely 4, he couldn't have gotten that far already unless someone picked him up...I drove down Bull River Rd, the swervy one behind our house that everyone speeds down. My eyes were darting everywhere including at the drivers of the two cars that passed going in the opposite direction. I made it 4 blocks away and turned around.
I decided it was time to go home and see if he had come out of hiding or if it was time to call the police for help. More prayers. Please, please, please was all I could think. I still didn't have that horrible feeling you should have when you can't find a child, just a little scared. As I started towards home, one of the cars that had passed me before was driving towards me again with the window down. I slowed and rolled down my window just before seeing Joshie in the backseat of this stranger's car.
I jumped out and the man opened the door for Josh to get out. I don't remember much of what I said besides a lot of Thank Yous. The man said he saw him quite a ways up the road and pulled over to check on him. Josh told him he was going to see his daddy at church.
After getting Josh in our car, we drove up the road a little so he could show me where he was when the man helped him. For those of you that know our area, he was up Bull River rd where the Lelegren's fence turns that blueish green color. For those of you that aren't familiar, he was 1/2 a mile from home already. He said he had run a little at first so he could get to dad fast.
We're home now. He's warm and playing. I had some chocolate and I think my breathing is back to normal. I'm so grateful for the Holy Ghost. Even though my mind pictured the worse case scenario, I knew inside that he was OK I just needed to find him. And, lock the doors.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Job Rant

I am just so frustrated. I know I should be grateful we have a job right and believe me, I am. I know a lot of people that are out of work and I know I'm a spoiled brat for being mad at Jared's company right now when they still send home a paycheck twice a month. I just wish we didn't have a job that kept screwing with us! Please forgive me for my seeming ungratefulness, but I gotta get it out and well, if I offend you I'll make it up to you later! Just remember - this is MY place to write MY feelings!
Jared has been working overtime and some Saturdays since before Halloween. With the economy and job scare, I've tried to be supportive and not whine when he leaves at 7AM and gets home at 8PM. He's been away to Vernal and Elko in the last month. We agreed that it would all pay off when it came time for bonuses.
The quarterly bonus should have showed up in the November check. That's what I was planning to use for Christmas. Well, even though the company made the quota to get the bonus, they found some loophole that let them off the hook. No quarterly bonus, but they promised the guys they'd still get their Christmas bonuses.
That's OK. I'll just use the Christmas bonus to get Christmas and do a lot of my shopping late. (I like to be done in August, but this will be different...fun).
The company is doing great. They're creating new management positions that will need to be filled after Christmas. You know, in January when they do evaluations and give promotions & pay raises. Oh yeah, promotions & raises are being put off until the Spring. OK. I can deal with that. Better late than never.

SO, today, Jared emails me to tell me they just announced no Christmas bonuses. I'm so mad and, well, just mad. I'm grateful for our job. I'm grateful for our job. I'm grateful for our job. I'm not grateful to be jerked around. I feel like they're being really dishonest. I'm OK with no Christmas bonus, I can plan and save, but don't tell me to plan on a bonus and then 2 weeks before Christmas tell us to nevermind. Don't tell us there will be quarterly bonuses based on performance and then cancel it after my husband works 6-day weeks to make you happy. Don't tell me there's a promotion and pay raise coming up when I'm pretty sure we won't see anything.

I'm really longing for the days at Vantage (his last company) right now. They weren't perfect, but they were honest!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Check out my nephews in the Daily Herald today!

It's on the front page of the Our Towns section.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Devotional

I really loved what President Monson said at the beginning of his talk tonight. Here it is to the best of my memory ( it's not perfect because it's been an hour since I heard it and I do have 4 kids!)
He related the story of Mary and Joseph looking for a room. The inn keeper told them there was no room. Would he have told them there was no room had he known who they were? No room. No room at all. We have homes now with family rooms, playrooms, dining rooms, craft rooms, all kinds of room. But, is there room for Christ?
We have plenty of room in our home. So much, in fact, that my sisters have dubbed our house 'Little Texas'. But, President Monson has got me thinking - have we made room for Christ? I'm trying to teach my kids the true meaning of Christmas but it occured to me tonight that I can be doing more as President Hinckley told us to do. We need more more service, more charity, more love. Those are the things that I think Christ would have us practice if He stayed in a room here at Little Texas.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

TTTS Awareness

These are my nephews, Miles and James. This is their blessing picture. They're 15 months now. Most of you that know me know about these sweeties. For those of you that don't, here's a short version.

My sister found out she was pregnant. Surprise! My sister found out there were two babies in March. Surprise! (She's an overachiever!) In April, my sister found out the babies had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Until now, none of us had ever heard of TTTS. Miles was getting so many nutrients that his little heart couldn't keep up. James wasn't getting enough nutrients and he was slowly starving. They tried several surgeries and there was always a problem with the placenta that kept the surgeries from taking place.

Our family prayed and fasted so much for these little babies. We waited by the phone and by the computer for email updates. And, we prayed and fasted some more. It really is His will and not ours that will be done. It was so scary to realize that sometimes no matter how bad you want something and how well you've done everything you're supposed to, things might not work out the way you want them to.

Watching the kids during appointments and making dinners seemed so miniscule as I looked for a way to help my sister and her babies. Now, I have a way to help. My sister wants to spread the news of TTTS. She wants everyone to be aware. So, take five minutes and read her story so you know what this is all about.

Seriously, read her story. Next time I see you I'm gonna quiz you on it. Do it because it's important to me and they're important to me and you're my friend.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Joshie's 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday Joshie!

We had a Carnival Party out in the front yard with all of his friends. Jared made a ton of popcorn in his popper and put on a juggling act for the kids. Jake and Cam helped out with games- Jake with bowling and Cam with the fishing game. Some of Josh's aunts came to help, too. They jumped at the chance to be real, live 'Carnie Folks'. Abby was a clown and did the duckie game. Libby was the bearded lady and painted faces. Manda stuffed pillows in her Mumuu and was the Fat Lady with the sucker match game. We also had a beanbag toss and a cake walk.

Josh said he had the best party and that's all that really matters to me!

Manda and Sam at the Sucker Match game. The blue sheet is the back of the fishing game.

Jared juggling for the kids. Would you ever believe that his sister made that shirt for him when he was in high school? I hope it didn't scare the kids - this was supposed to be a FUN party!

Manda, Ethan, and Kaelen (jake's friend that also came to 'help'

Josh's 4th birthday (cont.)

Grace at the beanbag toss that was run by our neighbor, Alicia
Libby did the face painting. Here she is with James/Hitler - I think she got a little bored!

Abby was a clown, and, again, Lib was bored so she gave Sammers a more 'mature' look

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Killer Deal of the Day!!

I got five 12 packs of soda for 38 cents!

So, we went to Smith's to get a prescription and right there in the door was Momma's real medicine : Diet Coke 5/ $10!! So, since our Smith' is still having their Grand Opening, you can get a $10 gift card for each Rx you transfer to their pharmacy. (Am I the only one that plays the 'transfer for gift cards' game?) Anyhow, I got my Rx and my gift card. Then, I used the $10 for food storage like a smart woman - seriously, if we are in dire straits, I'm gonna need my Diet Coke! Anyhow, 5 for $10 minus $10 plus tax comes to 38 cents. Ta-Da!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Abraham begat Isaac; and Isaac begat Jacob; and Jacob begat Judas and his brethren...

So, we're at Taco Tuesday (Del Taco) and here comes a nice looking family to join us in the Playland. They played for a while and then the mom calls out. "Heber, Willard, Parley! Come on, we have to go pick up Sariah!"

This bugs me so much! I don't know why it bugs me and that bugs me.

Are you more righteous if your kids have Mormon names and get beat up at school? If I had named my kids after a few prophets, I bet they'd still beat each other up and talk about poop at the dinner table. Are those the only names you could come up with because you lived in Utah your whole life? (I say that as I mentally go through where each of my friends grew up!) Really, are you hoping your child lives up to that namesake? Good luck on that one! It's like Jared said when I brought it up him (and imagine yourself saying this!) "Get the hell in the car , Nephi!" (Yes, Jared cusses like a sailor) Anyways, kids will be kids, a name isn't going to make them behave any differently!
What is it? Tell me why people name their kids like this and then maybe I can figure out why it bugs me. Meanwhile, I'm gonna try to keep my kids from beating up the prophets in the playland!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's a Stinking Grocery Store, People!!

So, this was my thought before I realized I was there, too, in the middle of it all!
The new Smith's Marketplace in Lehi opened at 8AM this morning. I thought I'd run over, of all things, to look for Bakugans. My thought was if they're out all over toan and on the internet, a new store just opening would surely have them. Well, I got there at 8:03 due to the fact that if you keep your kids out of school to hunt bargains, you can get in trouble...blah, blah, blah.
  1. Anyways, it was a crazy madhouse run amok! I know that's repetetive, but that's what it was! It was like WalMart on Black Friday morning! Right in the front door, they had cereal for $1 a box and you know how I'm a sucker for deals , especially cereal deals! I started loading my cart up, but ran into 2 problems.You had to buy 10 to get the price and I had left my coupons at home. I know this sounds really stupid, but I couldn't do it. 10 for $10 or go back later and get 10 for $5? Some lady kept pushing me and reaching around me to get her Lucky Charms. She finally bumped me hard enough to make me drop my goods. "Oh, sorry" she tried. I gave her a dirty look without even thinking. It's not like me to treat shoppers' rudeness on the spot, I much prefer the 'tell all my friends about you later' method. So, I put my cereal away and walked to the toys to cool off.
  2. The actual peg for Bakugans was already empty. Luckily, they were prepared with a worker on every corner, and she showed me a secret stash near the games. Another mom followed me to the stash, but I warned her that "they were all mine!" Um...just kidding, do I really look that scary? She hesitantly took a couple after I promised her I only needed 3 for stockings.

We did get the dollar milk.We didn't get the dollar bread, they were out. And, I wasn't about to wait in line for the freebies: sausage, juice, eggs, and muffins.

So, after preschool, I gathered my coupons and we went back. I got my 10 cereals for $5. I got my 6 loaves of $1 bread. I got my 10 boxes of hot chocolate for $5. I even got my free eggs & sausage. I only waited in line for 20 minutes which was awesome because it was still a madhouse! The people working there were amazingly friendly and helpful. And, I think I deserve a prize for going there twice the first day and not hurting anyone!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Feeling the Spirit

So, we're driving home from WalMart tonight after a nerve racking grocery trip with 4 kids and 1 mom.
The conversation goes:
C: Mom, what's Flirts?
J: It's a place where gangsters hang out and play pool.
Me: Yeah, sometimes theres are a lot of motocycle guys there and they probably play pool there.
C: Do they smoke there?
J: Yes. And they drink alcohol!
C: Could you go there if you wanted to?
Me: Well, you have to be 21 to go there. But, you can't feel the Spirit there.
J: Yeah, well I can't feel the Spirit at WalMart, either!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

So, the weatherman said we might get a little snow today. I guess 'a little' is relative because the stuff went up to Joshie's knees! He couldn't wait to get in in this morning so I finally let him go with an umbrella. It was coming down pretty hard until about 9:30 this morning.
Sam really wanted to get out there, too. I took him out to the edge of the garage and let him tough a little handful of snow. After that, he stood inside the front door and watched Josh run around outside.
This is Sam from the outside. I went out to take the pictures of Josh and this is what I saw when I turned around to come back inside. His little face was all smashed up against the window so he could see as much as possible!
Since we had to go to WalMart to get snowgloves for Josh, Cam needed a silly ski hat like Josh has so he could have a funny picture on Mom's blog. His fingers are some weird boy thing that resemble claws and are made out of my printer paper. Every boy in the house needs his own set, so how many pieces of paper is that?
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We have the best Home Teachers!!

Brother O and Brother D are the best home teachers! A month ago, I called and asked if the home teaching message could be about getting along with our brothers. Brother D brought 4 jars with him. One empty jar for each of the 3 big boys and one full on pennies and nickels for me. Each time the boys did something nice for each other, they got a penny in their jar. If it was really nice, they got a nickel.

Fast forward to last week when the home teachers came again. They counted the money in the jars with the boys. Jake had 38, Cam had 30, and Josh had 29. Brother O gave each of the boys a Halloween treat for doing so well. Brother D gave Jake a leather kit to make a comb case. He came over last night and helped Jake tool a cactus into his comb case, whip the edges together, and stain it green. He also brought some scraps for the other boys to practice on so they would know how to put a kit together when they win with the most pennies!

Jake & Brother D poking the dots trough the tracing paper to make the cactus. Afterwards, Jake went around it with a tool that pricked the leather so it would stand up a little.

Cam & Josh working on their leather pieces. They had to get it wet with a sponge and then pound the letter and shape stamps into the leather.

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Monday, November 3, 2008


We went Trick or Treating at Libby's house for Halloween. This was the first year that Joshie really understood what was going on. After each house, he ran back to me and showed me what candy he had received at the door. They all wore the same costumes as in previous pictures = Jake was a Jedi, Cam was Batman, Josh was a ninja, and Sam was a spider.
Jake opted to stay home and Trick or Treat around our neighborhood with a friend this year. It was hard for me to say yes. I think it made him feel really grown up, though. He was a little bummed that they had to go with some of the older boys that got to decide when they had enough candy. I think he was planning to bring home enough to last him 'til next year!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Check out this totally awesome hat Josh found at WalMart this afternoon! I wasn't going to buy it being that it's 70* outside today, but once he put it on it was so hilarious we had to have it! Eventually it will get cold, until then it's funny!

Sam is loving the Halloween candy thing. He's really only had a couple of Dum Dums, but he thinks they're the best thing since pureed bananas!
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Aunt Libby's Ward Halloween Party

Gracie's sugar cookie decorating skills rock!

Josh and Cam fishing for prizes

Sam enjoyed the second half of the party when we let him out of the stroller

Aunt Abby is so pretty as Scarlett O'Hara!
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Halloween @ UVU

Josh & Cam painting pumpkins

Jake using his light sabre for good

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we don't need a new toaster...

We had company over the weekend. For some reason, they thought we needed a new toaster. Just because you have to lean it over and pull your struedel out with a plastic fork when it's done...what's wrong with that? It worked for us! Anyhow, we took a moment to remember all of the toast, struedels, and poptarts from the last ten years and then we said goodbye. The new model, a gift from Megan, can do 4 slices at one time and it has a hinged bottom so you can empty out the crumbs! It's pretty fancy; hope it lasts the next ten years!
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sorry, Grandma!

It's time for Reflections. As in the Reflections contest at school where the kids can take something they've worked on and enter it into the contest. This year's theme is WOW! Cam really wanted to enter a picture that he had taken with his camera. As we went through all of his photos on the computer looking for something that was WOW!, he decided on this one! So, Grandma, I hope you're as good of a sport about everyone seeing your pictures as you were when you let Cam take it! (The office ladies were really impressed with it when I dropped it off if that helps...)
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