Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring Break at Powder Mountain

I'm so far behind and every day that I put off catching up, I get further behind! To quote Sam : " S'not fair!" With that whining out of the way, I'm going to try to get caught steps.

For Spring Break, we went up to Powder Mountain for the weekend (April 16-17). (It was an attempt at a little bit of redemption on my part as the boys had decided by this point that they didn't want a baby, they wanted to go to LegoLand which was the pre-baby plan.)We spent Friday evening at the pool and the kids stayed up watching movies til they fell asleep. Saturday, they couldn't wait to get in the snow. We went over the the hill with the ski lift and sled down it for a while. The best part was that once we got too cold to sled anymore, we put out suits back on and went back to the pool!

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