Tuesday, June 14, 2011

April Catch-Up

We dyed eggs

and hunted for them - once at Grandma's and once at Aunt Libby's.

We spent an afternoon at the Thanksgiving Point Petting Farm doing research for Josh's Pig Project. We took a little break to ride the horses.

And pose for some pictures.

Jared & I celebrated our 13th anniversary. He wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse and since my sisters and I always dress up for birthdays, he brought home hats and boots to dress up for our dinner out. We were surprised by how many comments we received about our hats - we do live in Lehi after all!

And, we started and ended April with music. Jared took me to see Reba & George Strait at the beginning of the month. I luv Reba! We went to the symphony at teh end of the month the see a Tribute to ABBA for our anniversary. Thanks to Jared's Mom & Dad for the tickets! And, thanks to Jared for listening to music he would have never chosen on his own!

This picture is from Manda's blog, I don't remember her running down to the floor to get such a close-up, so I'm guessing it's not really from the concert...

but these are!

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